by Ginko Balboa

Posted on April, 2018


1. General info

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Simple Pyhton script that uses Selenium and the website for automatic conversion od YouTube videos to MP3 and downloading them to the PC.

2. Contributing

This is small script, and I doubt that there will be any contributing but anyway I'm grateful to the community for bug-fixes and improvements.

3. How to use

Run the script from Windows or Linux console

user@pc:path/to/YouTubeDownloader$ python ./

The script then reads the file songs.txt and downloads every song in that file changing the file name of the mp3 in the format <author> - <title>.mp3.

The Downloads are placed in the default chrome download folder (that is the default Download folder on your system).

The text in the file songs.txt is formated in the following way:


for example: Jam-Black Jam-Yellow Ledbetter Buckley-Hallelujah Hot Chili Peppers-Californication


The web driver that is used is chromedriver.exe.


The web driver that is used is chromedriver.

4. License

The YouTubeDownloader is released under the GNU General Public License

5. Version info

  • 1.0.0 : Initial release.

6. Download

You can download zipped project from the GitHub by clicking here. Also you can visit the GitHub page of the project by clicking on the link: YouTube Downloader GitHub.